Pinterest Report: Food Edition


It’s no secret I heart Pinterest. Have you seen these ecards floating around out there?


MjAxMi0yZDcyODYzNWQ1NGViN2E1I’m pretty sure most people can relate to those :)

Sometimes I feel like I pin *so* many recipes {I’m afraid to even look at the number to admit it in this post}, I don’t even know which ones to try. It’s so fun to pin them but kind of overwhelming to PICK them for actual consumption. Contrary to the second ecard, I’ve actually tried a few {but the ratio to *pinned* vs. *made* is quite off} and I thought I’d share some of my *go-to* things I make in case you find yourself in the same predicament.

I make spaghetti quite often. It’s quick, easy and cheap and the little people love it {win, win, win and BIG WIN in my book}. And what goes better with a high carb meal such as pasta? More carbs, of course. But seriously, it’s hard to eat pasta without garlic bread. They were made for each other. I used to just grab a box of Texas Toast while I was grocery shopping, but now when I’m planning on garlic bread, I head for the biscuits so I can make this recipe.

garlic-parmesan-pull-apart-bread{note: this is not a picture that I took, but one I snagged from the blog that the recipe is found. I was too busy scarfing ours down to even think about snapping a pic.}

It’s so easy and amazing. Also, I have a thing for monkey bread, so this is the perfect savory cousin to the desserty bread. It’s all of 5 ingredients: butter, biscuits, garlic, Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese. Try it. And then thank me later. You’re welcome.

Another tried and true recipe that I love making is this one.

bbq-chicken-quinoa-salad{again, not my pic…but from the blog}

I’ve made this one several times and usually make way more than the recipe calls for because it is just as good the next day. The good thing about this one is that you can throw whatever else you want in it. Last night we put bacon in it. Yes please. I have a friend who put sun dried tomatoes in it when she made it for her family. This one, too, is super easy. And pretty healthy {without the bacon…}. :)

Lastly, you’ll get a little “two-fer” since these go so well together. These taquitos paired with this cilantro lime rice. Perfection.


chipotle-cilantro-lime-rice-4-ptsMatch made in Mexican food heaven. With the taquitos, the first time I tried them, I fried them {huge mess} and they were amazing. The second time I made them, I baked them and honestly, they came out just as good without the hassle. And the rice couldn’t be easier to make…my kind of side dish.

There you have it. If you’re looking at your Pinterest boards thinking, “Where in the world do I start with all of these recipes I’ve pinned?” give these few a try. It just may motivate you to try a few other ones {or, if you’re like me, you’ll keep making the same things over and over and over again until your family asks you to stop…which hasn’t happened yet thankfully}.

Any other yummy Pinterest recipes you’ve tried that you’d recommend?


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4 thoughts on “Pinterest Report: Food Edition

  1. You have to weigh this fairly, though. You readily admit that you’re not so keen on cooking. But you’ve probably done LOTS of the “crafty” things you’ve pinned, whereas those boards of mine are mostly wishful thinking. ;-)

    • leahbare

      It’s true. I do way more of the crafty things than the cooking things. Although, the ratio is about the same since I also have a gazillion of those pinned, too :) haha!

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